The company was founded out of personal experience of special needs care and the very real burdens this can place on family and carers.   We understand the value of assistance in even small every day tasks and the positive impact this can have when "It all seems too much".   And we understand how hard it can be to find people to trust with the very family member that needs that extra care.  

We understand these things because we have experienced them directly ourselves.   The Help & Care Agency was formed out of the founder's own experiences of the difficulties in locating appropriate care assistants for her own son.   There were always:

  • Those who cared enough but did not provide real respite on the practical side
  • The ones who cleaned, and washed like demons- yet gave no real signs of caring
  • ...And the few good ones, near impossible to replace when they moved away

We believe we can find working environments for the "good ones" where their value will be fully appreciated and simultaneously support families with complex needs by bringing the two together.

Subsequently we have added other labour related services such as gardening and property management (decoration, revovation, light building work), all delivered with the same ethos of understanding and support.

If this sounds like you as a service professional or you as an over-run family member in desperate need of extra hands and extra hours each day, please do get in touch.