The distinction between real "help" and "domestic services" is an important one to us:

We welcome the opportunity to work in special needs situations within the home where cleaning, shopping and general assistance are important - But as important is the individual being cared for and the respite provided to their regular carer, who will often be a member of the same family.   We understand the many hours of love, care and affection you put in each day, and that those days are simply not long enough to get everything done, provide the right environment and yet still have time yourself.

Domestic Services are something  done to a home, a carpet or dirty dinner plates...

Help is support given to other people.

Our services include:

  • Domestic services (cleaning,washing shopping...)
  • Gardening including both care and heavy clearance / renovation
  • Property management including decoration, renovation and light building work

If this sounds the sort of assistance you really need please get in touch.